Karat Earth Wooden Compostable Heavy Weight Fork - 1,000 ct

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SKU: KE-U8000

Karat Earth® Heavy Weight Compostable Wooden Forks provide an eco-friendly and affordable alternative to disposable forks. Each fork is made from wooden material, making it possible to cut down the use of plastic for your business. These wooden forks are heavy weight, strong, and sturdy which are ideal for restaurants, catering providers, take-out, picnics, parties, and many more!

Provide an eco-friendly alternative to fork disposables by using our Karat Earth® Wooden Compostable Forks! Each fork is made from wooden material, making it possible to cut down the use of plastic for your business. These forks are heavy weight and are ideal for restaurants, catering providers, take-out, and many more!


  • Material: Wood
  • Wrapper: Unwrapped 
  • Color: Brown

Units Sold By: case of 1,000 forks

Economical Wooden Forks for Green Businesses

Most customers started to demand green products from their favorite restaurants, cafes, or catering providers. The food industry is now focusing more on going green to meet this demand and satisfy the customers. Karat Earth® compostable wooden forks will give your customers a great first impression making you stand out from the competitors! These wooden forks are also very economical that help businesses to start their green initiative and keep their loyal customers happy while attracting new ones. Distinguish your business with these eco-friendly compostable wooden forks!

Eye-Catching and Stylish Look

Natural wood color differentiates these forks from other disposable utensils that are commonly used in take-out restaurants, food trucks, or cafes. These wooden disposable forks stand out with their eye-catching and stylish look while helping businesses to cut down on plastic use. Whether you run a food or catering business, organizing an event, or just going to a picnic, you can please the eyes of your customers or guests with these charming wooden forks! Need a complete set to serve a full meal? Check out Karat Earth wooden knives and spoons in our store.

Heavy Weight Composition for Denser Food

Heavy weight wooden forks are strong and sturdy that allows eating denser food or side dishes. They are easy to hold and pick up the food without breaking and more resistant to heat compared to traditional disposable cutlery. Serve your customers or guests with these strong wooden forks to help them enjoy even the toughest meals without snapping!

Compostable Material for a Better Future

Karat Earth® heavy weight forks are made from compostable wood. Compostable materials naturally decompose without releasing damaging toxins. These eco-friendly wooden forks are great for zero waste events, outdoor dining, picnics, concession or grocery stores, parties, and any establishments offering food-to-go. Use compostable wooden forks and utensils in your business or at home to help protect the environment for a better future!

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