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Karat Earth 20oz Eco-Friendly Paper Hot Cups - One Cup, One Earth (90mm) - 600 ct

Karat Earth 20oz Eco-Friendly Paper Hot Cups - One Cup, One Earth (90mm) - 600 ct

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SKU: KE-K520

Karat Earth compostable paper hot cups are designed for hot beverages and feature our Karat Earth "One Cup, One Earth, One Choice" stock print. These hot cups feature a compostable PLA lining to prevent leakage and are BPI® certified compostable in industrial facilities.

  • Ideal for hot drinks
  • Eco-Friendly. Made from compostable paper material

Karat Earth Eco-Friendly Paper Hot Cups are designed for hot beverages and are made from sustainable resources. These paper hot cups provide environmental, social and economic benefits while protecting the environment over the product life cycle.

  • Diameter: 90mm
  • Print: One Cup, One Earth
  • Available Sizes: 10oz, 12oz, 16oz, and 20oz
  • Available Colors & Prints: "One Cup, One Earth" Stock Print, White, Custom Print
  • Matching Lids: C-KDL516B-PP, C-KDL516W-PP, C-KDL516-E, C-KDL516B-E, C-KDL516BRN-E, C-KDL516GRE-E, C-KDL516PNK-E, KE-KDL516


Compostable Paper Cups for Green Businesses

Compostable paper cups for hot drinks are great to start your eco-initiatives and go green. This Karat Earth 20oz paper hot cup is BPI certified and can be compostable in industrial facilities keeping our landfills less full. Besides, your customers will love that their favorite hot drinks are served in environmentally-friendly cups knowing that they can dispose of them without guilt.

Karat Earth One Cup, One Earth, One Choice

Food & drink businesses love our Karat Earth “One Cup, One Earth, One Choice” stock print paper hot cups. This generic print hot cup is not only a great way to show that you are using eco products at your establishment but also helps you build trust as Karat Earth is a widely recognized and known brand. However, if you want your brand and customized message printed on the cup, we also offer custom print to help you advertise affordably and create brand awareness. You can also choose the good old plain white color to match your hot cups with other utensils and food containers as well as writing the names of your customers on the cup to avoid mistakes during the rush hours.

Disposable Paper Cups for Easy Cleaning

Throwing a party or having a big family event? These disposable paper cups are what you need to serve any hot drinks to your guests without feeling bad about the environmental impact. By ordering this case of 600 cups, you can also enjoy your morning coffee or hot chocolate in a paper cup on the way to the office without being concerned about the dishes as you can safely dispose of it. 20oz of your favorite coffee or tea is the perfect amount to keep you going in the afternoon after lunch. These disposable and insulated paper hot cups will make your life easier for sure!


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