Karat 12oz White Paper Hot Cups and White Enclosure Lids (90mm)

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SKU: C-PaperBundle12WC&WE

Karat premium paper hot cups feature a double poly lining to prevent leaking and pair perfectly with our high quality enclosure lids. The enclosure lids have a flap over the sipper hole, which can be closed to prevent leakage when walking or driving; all the while keeping your drinks warm for longer. The flap can also be secured down if you want to keep sipping without having to open it.

Units Sold By: Case 1,000 cups and 1,000 lids

Karat 12oz Paper Hot Cups - White (90mm)
Item Code: C-K512W
Qty: 1,000 cups/case

Karat 10-24oz Enclosure Lids - White (90mm)
Item Code: C-KDL516-E
Qty: 1,000 lids/case

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