Frizz Assorted Color Erasable Gel Retractable Pen with Grip (3/Pack) Sold in 24 Units

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Item # 17067-24


  • FRIZZ ASSORTED COLOR RETRACTABLE ERASABLE GEL PEN. Each Gel Pen is erasable with the eraser at the top and retractable by pressing the side clicker clip down. Each pack comes with Black, Blue and Red.
  • ERASABLE. Rub the eraser tip over unwanted mark and they disappear instantly. Eraser works on all paper, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. Ink will become permanent over time.
  • SMOOTH APPLICATION. The durable 0.7mm tip can produce fine lines which allows for smooth and precise writing application, you could easily get your writing done without too much effort.
  • QUALITY. Each Gel Pen is fitted with cushion grip making it very comfortable for users while using the product. Writes smoothly just like a regular gel pen but erases like a pencil at any time.
  • IDEAL USE. These gel pens are fun to use for coloring books, drawing, notes, home-made invitations, greeting cards and so much more. Great gift idea for kids and adults who love to color!

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