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BAZIC Yellow 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil (4/Pack) Sold in 24 Units

BAZIC Yellow 0.9mm Mechanical Pencil (4/Pack) Sold in 24 Units

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  • YELLOW 0.9MM MECHANICAL PENCIL. Each pack includes 4 mechanical pencils with 0.9mm lead. This mechanical pencil is a highly useful product for drawing or general writing.
  • TIP SIZE. Features 0.9mm lead that holds up to the pressure of beginning writers and resists breakage. Most importantly, the pencil never requires sharpening which is highly beneficial for the users.
  • REFILLABLE & RETRACTABLE. Mechanical Pencil is refillable with standard 0.9mm HB Lead Refill. The retractable tip, minimizes the chance for accidental pokes and breaks while the pencil is not in use.
  • QUALITY. The mechanical pencils HB hardness lead is equivalent to a #2 wooden pencil. Therefore, these leads are perfectly suitable for various types of needs. Eraser top included for convenience.
  • WIDE APPLICATION. Designed to accommodate young writers of all ages, these mechanical pencils are great for student, school, college, beginners and more! Suitable for all general writing applications.
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