BAZIC 8" Bright Color Double Deck Organizer Box Sold in 24 Units

Sale price$48.99


Item # 837-24


  • STACKABLE. Double-deck with 5 compartments. Made of BPA-free & Non-toxic PP plastic. Lid design allows for stacking of multiple cases for better space utilization. Measure: 8" x 3.1" x 1.5".
  • FUNCTIONAL. Perfect for students storing crafting, school supplies, and small items. Featuring snap lid, simply press the latch down toward the case for the mechanism to lock as designed.
  • BRILLIANT DESIGN. Assorted Colors. Clear and transparent design keeps contents visible. Allows you to see through the box to easily locate items. Available in bulk school supplies to save your costs.
  • SIMPLE STORAGE. Great gift for young kids for organizing training. Keep everything in their own box so they won't miss anything. Each children get a case to maintain health and hygiene without sharing
  • KEEP DESK NEAT. Ideal for office for organizing items like pens, pencils, eraser, crayon, markers, whiteout, highlighter, and more.

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