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BAZIC 5 Fluorescent Gel Highlighter Sold in 12 Units

BAZIC 5 Fluorescent Gel Highlighter Sold in 12 Units

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  • TWIST-UP DESIGN. Twist bottom to advance. Design reduces breakage of gel inside and remains clean under the protection of plastic shell and also facilitates use. Pocket clip adds style and convenience.
  • WON'T DRY. Highlighters are designed to not dry out, even when left uncapped for days. If you go through a couple of pages before you start highlighting, the color is still as strong and bright as ever.
  • VIVID COLOR. The vivid fluorescent gel highlighters provide maximum impact and instantly draws your eye to the key details and important information. Barrel color indicates ink color.
  • NON BLEED & SMEAR FREE. Smooth gliding gel highlighters are safe to use on thin pages. Smudge and bleed proof making them the best Bible highlighters.
  • USES. Ideal for Bible study, college students, note taking, working, studying, highlight key points, underline text, artistic sketching, coloring books, doodling, and more.
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