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5 Pcs. School Kit w/ Zipper Pouch Sold in 24 Units

5 Pcs. School Kit w/ Zipper Pouch Sold in 24 Units

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  • VALUE SET. 180 degree protractor semicircular 6" protractors + Compass with pencil + Ruler 6" (15 cm) + Eraser + Sharpener. Clear color allow see the words, letters on page through the protractor
  • BRELLIENT DESIGN. Scale-arm, easy grip top control with two-sided 6-inch / 15-centimeter measuring. Metal point makes circles up to 12" in diameter.
  • IDEAL DRAFTING. Includes 3 1/2 #2 HB golf pencil with secure lock allows quick adjustment as needed. Great for drawing arcs, circles, divide gauges, dividing line, line segments, size measurement.
  • PERFECT ANGLES. Easy draw and adjust legs. Perfect for precise drawings. Trace and draw the perfect angle, circumferences, graphing, and design with our easy-to-use compasses.
  • MULTIPURPOSE. Excellent for use in school, office, studio, or at home. The best circle drawing tool for student, artist, mathematician, carpenter, engineers, architecture, and designer
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